Pineapple fritters

Sliced pineapple dipped in tempura batter and fried in coconut oil


Should either marinate the pineapple or mix with the batter. Ughhhhhhh so close to happiness yet so far away щ(゚Д゚щ)



I used to make REALLY good kimchi fried rice. I probably used too much oil for it, but I think I made it pretty well.

I haven’t made it since moving into my new apartment. It sure goes to show that dedication goes a long way!

I broiled minced pork in soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic mince. Then added spinach (couldn’t be bothered adding stalks first, just threw it all in), kimchi and then the rice. I made a BIG mistake of adding egg last. It ended up sticking together and was all gooey.. But hey, it tastes alright? At the end it was okay, but it would’ve been better if I had fried egg separately and added it before the rice, or putting it on top for visual effect.

Coconut curry fail

I thought adding instant singigang mix to coconut milk would be a good idea and a quick way to make curry.

I thought wrong.

 I haven’t eaten sinigang in a loooooooooooooong time, so I forgot how stupidly sour it is. I thought a dash of tamarind would be exactly what I needed for this curry, but after adding nearly the whole mix to the coconut milk, I realised I didn’t even need to add lime. I tried to save it with sesame oil, garlic and chilli but it was long gone. I tried to eat it anyway but it was just awful.


Inspired by Masterchef, I decided to be more creative in the kitchen. Or at least, return to it.


Bibimbap is really easy to make. You just make each part seperately, and pile it on top of rice.

Spinach – boil in a bit of sesame oil and water, drain and season with sesame seeds
Sprouts – boil in sesame oil and water
Meat – marinate in garlic, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Poach in a bit of water.
Egg – fry lightly
Sauce – sriracha and ketchup lololololol

Timtam Truffles

I decided to make handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make something simple and small, something that I could dish out in two or three for giri choco, and in a large amount for honmei. BECAUSE I AM LAZY. Truffles seemed like a good idea. There are several recipes online for oreo truffles, but I decided to bring some Aussie pride into it, and used Timtams instead.


I decided to aim for six different flavours of truffles: regular chocolate, coffee, nuts, white, matcha and strawberry.

I followed this recipe. The chocolate timtams were separated into two bowls, one left as it is and the other I added some instant coffee powder. For the nuts flavour, I wrapped a bit of the regular chocolate mix around a macadamia nut (more Aussieness!)

The white Timtam mix was seperated into three bowls, one left as it is, another had instant matcha powder added. I wasn’t sure how to do the strawberry mix… I tried adding some strawberry jam but it was gooey and gross. I ended up crushing some strawberry chocolate and mixing it into the white mix.


After refrigerating them for half an hour (or just leaving them in the adjacent un-heated room lol) I tempered some chocolate and dipped the balls in.

  • IMG_6286regular chocolate balls were covered in regular chocolate and sprayed with white chocolate
  • coffee chocolate balls were covered in dark chocolate and sprayed with regular chocolate
  • macadamia chocolate balls were covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed macademia nuts
  • white chocolate balls were covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with regular chocolate
  • matcha balls were covered in matcha and sprinkled with regular and white chocolate
  • strawberry mixed balls were covered in strawberry chocolate and sprayed with white chocolate (I reserved one for honmei and covered it with heart shaped sprinkles lol)


I reserved the six best looking ones for honmei, and dished the rest out for giri. I just put two in little gift bags and handed them out to my co-workers.

The honmei wasn’t actually given on Valentine’s Day. I had to wait until a few days afterwards. They were apparently eaten the day after I handed them over (I hope they were refrigerated..) and were hailed as delicious! I asked if they were too sweet, but I was told they were delicious. Seriously, some more feedback would be appreciated.

I got a packet of baked chocolat for White Day in return! 😀

Christmas dinner

I hosted a Christmas dinner at my apartment to a small group of friends. I actually wanted it to be a potluck, but I ended up cooking everything.. but it was all well received and everything was polished off really quickly!

IMG_5739Fried chicken – picked up from Ogino

Mashed potatoes – cut and peeled by my friends, boiled, mixed with milk and mayonnaise. Probably needed garlic.

Pumpkin – just simply boiled

Unroasted vegetables – carrots, cauliflower and white button mushrooms, cut and boiled earlier in the morning. Olive oil, rosemary, oregano, garlic and pepper. Fried in a saucepan because I didn’t have the time to bake them.

Gravy – instant gravox I got from my Aussie friends!